Home-made: Universal Spray

For a healthier and more sustainable living with the Earth, I have come up with a Universal Spray that can be used on all surfaces, in all occasions and it is extremely easy to make. You will only need four ingredients, a tare and some containers in which to mix everything together and store.


400 g distilled water

100 g ethyl alcohol 90%

100 g apple cider vinegar

2 spoons of eco dishwashing detergent


  • Add ethyl alcohol to distilled water and stir up gently.
  • Add apple cider vinegar and stir.
  • Mix in the eco dishwashing detergent.

Slowly pour the liquid in a spray container.

Create a pretty label and you are good to go!

The home-made universal spray has many advantages because you only need to purchase the stock solutions, thus lowering the negative impact of plastics, and these solutions can be mixed up in different proportions so to create a different array of home-made products that are less harmful for the environment compared to the commercial cleaning products. In addition, the solution used do not disrupt our endocrine system as much as the commercial products that contain a series of toxic chemicals.

Francesca Papa

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