Aja & Maria

Marine biologists

We are two students of Marine Biology, Aja & Maria, co-founders of Entire Ocean. We intend to transmit to each and everyone of you a great passion, our reason to live; the passion for the Ocean, for organisms that have been living within it for millions of years, and for all those physio-dynamical aspects that formed it. By all means, our journey starts with your curiousity – one characteristic that is the major driving factor which has led us into the creation of this project. Questions are inevitably drawn on the surface, just as nutrients are brought up by upwelling processes. And what better way to explore the immensity of our planet is there?

As you will jump on board with us, we will be talking about how 70% of the Earth’s surface is at the base of our living in all aspects and how this immense blue mass permits the mankind to survive even though the situation is not as pink as we think neither for humans nor for many other species. The story of this vast bearly known space is composed of a simple molecule of two atoms of hydrogen and an atom of oxygen. It is impressive how it is possible that such a small molecule can form habitats and intricate ecosystems of complex organisms that have adapted and modified through geological eras. Everything changed from the water molecule on, indeed, and it has evolved for a single reason: life.

Basically what we would like to pass and impress you with, dear reader, is our passion for the ocean. Entire Ocean is an easy-going discussion platform, a way to express ourselves and at the same time allowing to express yourself, too. Ask at any time, without any further procrastination or fear. Make sure to subscribe and receive the latest posts. We promise you that you will not regret it.

Yours sincerely, Aja & Maria