Creativity has caused numerous dreams and sleepless nights. It once came along like a powerful wave, convincing me that it was time to let it out. I founded Entire because I believe that a lot of people do not know much about the oceans that surround us. They give us oxygen to breathe and represent an important food source. Since childhood, I have spent many summer days snorkeling in the Croatian waters and I could notice how the same environments had changed year after year. When the time to choose what to do for a living finally came, I jumped headfirst into the world of biology and its limitless fields. I knew I would get into marine biology but I did not imagine it to be so vast. Although the professors touched on many different topics during the university lectures, I felt it was not enough for me to really understand everything and be able to pass on the knowledge. Entire has helped me become more curious and observant, as well as more convinced of the journey I have chosen to embark. I hope that my contribution to this educational platform will allow readers to comprehend what is happening below the sea surface and at the same time make them more conscious of the fact that humans are not above other creatures in this intricate ecosystem called Earth. 


I love being stimulated, and that is exactly what happened with Aja and Entire. We created this page during a night in March 2019, in which we spent several hours thinking about the name. In the end the whole, the completeness, seemed to be the concepts we really wanted to transmit. That is why Entire – because the ocean is everything to us. I am part of Entire because one day I decided to let myself be carried away by the waves of the sea. I am part of Entire because I feel something in me that has to come out. When I say something, I do it with all my strength and passion. Some things, more than others, deserve to be told. And everything told has its own why, everything has its own importance in a certain moment of my life. I hope you feel all my emotions because the science is accurate but the emotions are usually left aside. Sometimes there are people that you casually meet in your life, on a path that you have already imagined for years. I met Aja, and I believe there would have been no better person to start this journey. Always fall in love with everything that surrounds you… but above all, fall in love with the Sea.