Polar bear on search of food

Welcome back to the Entire Ocean’s podcast series. In this episode, we are going to discover what is happening to polar bears of a specific population in Canada due to climate change. We all know the causes and consequences of global warming, but how much we know about changes among species is certainly the question.

Without further ado, grab a cup of coffee or tea, put the headphones on and enjoy! For any questions and comments, express yourself in the comments section below.

P.s.: A poor quality recording gear was used in the making of this video so if you cross upon any background noice, be patient, please. Thank you!

Iles, D.T., Peterson, S.L., Gormezano, L.J., Koons, D.N. and Rockwell, R.F., 2013. Terrestrial predation by polar bears: not just a wild goose chase. Polar Biology36(9), pp.1373-1379.

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