You Are a Marine Biologist?!

What do you actually do? Oh cool, so you must like whales, sharks and corals? What is your future as a marine biologist going to be like? Why have you decided to pursue such a career?

Well, we are undergraduate biologists getting specialized in marine biology. The love for the sea and continuous curiosity were probably the driving factors that have pushed us to do what we are doing. Our future? – Have no bloody idea.

The thing of this study field is that it requires more people, more connection with other disciplines and a general discovery of marine ecosystems. Considering that 65% of the ocean, which is represented by the deep sea environment, is completely unknown, marine biology is growing and will do so for at least the next few decades.

What is odd is that when you embark on the “sea ship,” you will never know where the next stop is going to be. Take for example my case, I was extremely interested in the study of bioacoustics of marine mammals, which is essentially trying to understand the communication of whales, dolphins and other beautiful marine mammals.. Then in the first semester, I followed the Algal Ecophysiology course and even though I was terrified by the professor at first, I got into the subject so much that I found myself talking about doing the thesis with him.

Photo by Guillaume Dupuy

Marine biology requires constant research, observation, interpretation of data and understanding of the processes occurring in the oceans. And I think this is what makes it so exciting and invigorating. Many of my colleagues would probably agree with me on experiencing multiple sleepless nights, during which the brain is so overwhelmed with daily information that the only time for its processing is at night.

Certainly, it can get quite tiring at times, but these phases can be brought to an end because others take place, therefore encouraging inner growth. Sometimes it is necessary to just throw yourself into risky opportunities and enjoy the ride, a thing that applies to every kind of life experience.

And obviously, once you put the mask on your face and fins on your feet, the most beautiful journey is about to start. It is almost impossible to refuse the opportunity, right? You see, I wish I could take you with me. But we are different and that’s what makes the world colourful. Maybe someday, our life paths will meet and we will be able to share or even connect our passions.

Till next time!

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